Why Cactus Leather?

Our cactus leather is sourced from and grown in Mexico by Desserto®.


Climate change already had multiple effects in the planet. Local farmers need crops that are easy to grow in dry and arid environments. Cactus is a resilient plant that can survive these harsh conditions.

catana cactus backpacks and handbags

Cactus is able to survive in deserted areas with a small amount of water, compared to other crops. It takes 200 liters to grow 1 kg of cactus versus 1000 liters to grow other crops.

It only takes approximately 3 leaves of cactus to create 1 linear meter of Desserto® cactus leather.  

Cactus plantations can be a strategy to reduce CO2 and help us face climate change. The grow of cactus requires significantly less water than other crops. It also survives on arid areas and soil where others plants would not.

    Catana Cactus Leather Handbags and Backpacks