Introducing the Catana Crossbody

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The Catana Clutch: The Petite Version of the Catana Crossbody

The Catana ClutchThe Catana Clutch

Versatile Like You: Backpacks for Travelers

The West 37 Backpack (Beige)The West 37 Backpack (Beige)
Catana Backpacks for Travelers

Cactus Leather.

It's not plastic. It's not made of animals. Cactus leather is, by its nature, cruelty-free & environmentally friendly.

The cactus is grown in Mexico. Most of our products are handcrafted by humans.

Our products are made of sustainable and natural materials that won't only give you comfort and elegance: they will bring peace to your mind knowing that you're buying from an ethical brand.

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