About Us

Founded by two sisters, CATANA was born with the idea of creating a sustainable product with natural materials from our home, Mexico. 

catana cactus leather

With cactus leather, we redesign the fashion industry combining sustainability, functionality and comfort.

We choose to support small and local businesses. Our backpacks and briefcases are made by humans in the city of Leon, Mexico. We make sure that our overseas providers commit to the same standards of sustainability holding international and industry-wide certifications. 


catana cactus handbags and backpacks


Design & Functionality

We wanted to do something pratical and useful. Not just another bag that will stay in this planet forever or that uses animals to create leather. After many hours of zoom meetings, CATANA was born.


catana cactus handbags and backpacks


Our Commitment

We are committed to continuing improving our products to make them ethical, cruelty-free and recyclable.

From us to you,


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